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Meet David Contreras

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Meet David Contreras - CEO

David Contreras created DDK-MS in 2010 and serves as CEO, driving new business through private investor relationships, strategic partnerships and growth initiatives. Working diligently, David Contreras has been responsible for the growth and visibility of DDK-MS has attained in the market place, in the Private Money lending industry, establishing DDK-MS as a leading provider of Private Money solutions to that segment of the industry.

David’s vast career in financial services spans over three decades including senior level positions in banking, secondary marketing, correspondent lending, mortgage loan origination, mortgage operations, call center sales & management, foreclosure services, escrow, title, securitization and mortgage services.

David’s experience allows resourcefulness to connect dots and add value within the sector.

In his spare time David enjoys a nice round of golf and soaking up the splendors of Southern California. Most importantly, he likes to take time with those whom he cares about with good times, good laughs and good stories. You’ll see David striving hard to make progress in not only his business life but his personal as well. If at any point the world looks upside down, David will always be there to lift spirits back up.