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We Are Proud to Announce a New Partnership With Our Friends at My Mortgage Consultants!

 My Mortgage Consultants ( MMC ) has teamed up with DDK Mortgage Solutions, to provide a wider menu of services offering valuations, title,  tax certs, flood to deliver the level of service our clients have come to expect.  MMC created a list of services designed to help our clients stay competitive through leading technology and innovative products, along with years of Industry experience and Industry leading services, to assist with any needs our clients may have."   -Greg Musso - Managing Director of MMC

"DDK has established itself as a brand in the marketplace, that is standing the test of time by delivering private money solutions by connecting clients with the best investors for their situations. By partnering with MMC, we will be able to deliver a wider base of services, and open new doors to a untouched audience in both directions.  We are thrilled of this partnership!" 

-David Contreras - CEO DDK Mortgage Solutions

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