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Understanding your options in finances can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. At DDK Mortgage Solutions, we help you to understand the process and how to get the most out of what you are trying to obtain.

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Use for Purchases

purchase money loan is evidenced by the trust deed or mortgage a home buyer signs at the time the home buyer purchases the home. A borrower can obtain a purchase money loan from a bank, a savings and loan, a credit union or a private source of funds, including from the seller who is selling the home.

In most cases, private loans do not require the burden of documentation that banks require, or the time to let a Bankruptcy, foreclosure, modification, etc., . We understand life's pitfalls, and can show you how private money loans may be your best option.


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Cash Out

Cash out refinancing (in the case of real property) occurs when a loan is taken outon property already owned, and the loan amount is above and beyond the cost of transaction, payoff of existing liens, and related expenses.

DDK can help show you ways to pull your available equity, without the burden of credit, income or normal institutional underwriting. Our clients often receive their funds within 10 days or less.

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Owner and non-owner

property that is not occupied by the purchaser or owner of that property. Many mortgages given on non owner occupied properties are related to multi-unit rental properties like an apartment complex.

DDK can help you get the purchase, or cash out transaction for both owner, and non-owner occupied properties, where many private money lenders cannot.  We can help you, we're just a phone call, or email away!  

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Buy a house that needs some work, fix it up and sell the house. The truth is it takes a lot of time to find the right deal, find the right financing, find the right contractor, decide what to repair, maintain a property, value a property, make sure all the needed repairs are done and then sell the house.

Let the folks at DDK show you the best private money options for your project, and get started!

Vacant Land

Determining if land is vacant is an issue that comes up quite often. The importance of whether or not property is vacant land is that the ISO homeowners forms include vacant land in the definition of insured location. ... Undeclared premises that one owns or rents are typically excluded unless they are insured locations.

DDK will help you with the right loan up to 65% of the land value, quickly, and easily.   Let the folks at DDK say "Yes,"  when others say "No!”



New construction refers to site preparation for, and construction of, entirely new structures and/or significant extensions to existing structures whether or not the site was previously occupied.

These loans require a private money partner, that understands this space, and has the ability to guide you from the initial conversation about the project, to closing, funding and the construction. Let the pro's at DDK help you today!